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Tandem Tinies was founded after having spent 12 years building high-end modern homes and developing small pocket neighborhoods in Austin, TX. During that time the founder's work was featured in 2 national publications and his homes were so highly sought after that they regularly broke price records in the neighborhoods they sold in.

After over a decade of dealing with the city's convoluted development department bureacracy, it was a goal to move onto something with a faster pace and with greater freedom for creativity and inventiveness.

In June of 2020, with Covid shutting down much of the country,  a cross-country road trip in an RV led to an opportunity to see what living full-time in a space the size of a tiny home could be like. This invigorated the imagination and lead to a reenvisioning of what the entire home construction process could be like. Like all great visions though, the first step in achieving them is to  . . . start tiny.

Past Work

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